Friday, June 29, 2012

Kueh Chap at Lao Ya Keng, Carpenter Street, Kuching

It would be a great sin not to blog about this.

Maybe I have blogged about this place before, I may have forgotten.

This was taken slightly more than a month ago, sitting pretty in one of my many photography folders seducing me when I am in dire straits.
What is kueh chap again? You might want to check it out here.

Kueh Chap at Lao Ya Keng, Carpenter Street, Kuching
 It is only available in the morning.

In the afternoon, this stall is closed and pork satay stall is in control instead.

Kueh Chap Sauce at Lao Ya Keng, Carpenter Street, Kuching

It was very good the last time I was there, though I must say the standard is rather inconsistent.

Sometimes the soup was a bit diluted, lean meat was a bit too dry, but nevertheless, lady luck was on my side: the last two times I was there. 


You cannot miss this stall, it is located a few steps down from the main entrance to Carpenter Street / Chinatown Kuching.

Kueh Chap Stall at Lao Ya Keng, Carpenter Street, Kuching

The kueh chap shown in the photo is Kueh Chap Special.

It comes with a medley of pig offal and lean meat served with braised soy sauce gravy.

Happy Kueh Chap! :)


Bangsar-bAbE said...

Tapau for me and bring it to KL! :P

Anonymous said...

Been years and years since I last went to Lao Ya Keng. These days, jammed, parking's a pain... The kueh chap looks really great! Yummmmm!!!!

Simple Person said...

wah... I want I want...
sigh .. we do not have good ones in KL..
you ask them whether they want to do franchise in KL? kakakaka

sibu food diva said...

bangsar babe: if i fly via MAS, i'll tapao! if i fly airasia, i'll shout you a roast pork aglio oglio at Hagen ;)

arthur:jammed like mad! but i am very blessed because i was chauffeured there. else i wouldn't want to drive there as well.

sibu food diva said...

simple person: aiya...this kueh chap very inconsistent la...sometimes ok, sometimes not. when it is ok, it tastes damn good, when it is diluted and the meat is tough it would cause crankiness as though you woke up at the wrong side of the bed. i think Sibu kueh chap is nicer. :P