Monday, July 09, 2012

Best Kolo Mee in Kuching

I dare to crown this place: the best kolo mee in Kuching.

Joyful Garden Cafe.

Behind Hock Lee Centre.

If you want to be more specific, it is at the corner shop lot.

Lorong Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim 5a.

Opens daily in the morning, closes on Sunday.
It takes me a while to crown one, as it is rather difficult, as you can see, a lot of places here in Kuching serve awesome kolo mee.

This kolo mee is very unpretentious.

The BBQ meat / char siew is roasted to perfection, succulent and mind you, the kolo mee sellers (an old woman and an old man) are very generous with the meat. 

On top of the char siew, there is also some meatballs and minced meat.

The kolo mee is always al dente. Never undercooked or overcooked.

You can even taste the char siew oil in the noodles.

I cannot describe that sort of feeling. 


Kolo Mee behind Hock Lee Centre, Kuching

 Sheer bliss :)

Kolo Mee behind Hock Lee Centre, Kuching
I will not compare this to Bishop Gate noodles / Min Joo kolo mee, as they are totally in the different league.

This is just plain kolo mee, sans the zheng / cheng (soup) made from a medley of pig offal and such.

 Even the Kuching South mayor, Datuk Bandar James Chan was spotted having kolo mee here several times.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! My friend shared a photo of this one on Facebook. I always stay at Hock Lee - 360 Hotel, cheap and nice... Would be easy to hop over to eat this... So cheap some more.

Simple Person said...

Judge by its look .....
I believe you that it is the best kolo mee..
Problems is that I need to come over to try it.. :)

lvynana said...


The Yum List said...

The best? It is now on my Kuching list! ;-)

Anonymous said...

By the way, have you seen this blog? Seems that the blogger steals all the posts from other people's blogs and I see a lot from yours:

sibu food diva said...

suituapui: yeah! come to kuching anytime (except sundays) and you'll have this kolo mee. but prepare to wait a bit.

simple person: come to kuching with your wife! :) tasting is believing

Ivynana: it is! :)

the yum list: my humble opinion, i think it is. :) should give it a go and you tell me if it is worth the visit :)

suituapui: ya laaa...this person posted up a lot of my posts on his/her blog. but i guess this person is dormant a bit by now. :P