Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Best Stir Fried Crabs in Sibu, at Hong Fu Seafood Restaurant

Going home to Sibu is not without feasting.

While this outlet has been around for quite some time and is always jam - packed whenever you pass by this coffeeshop.

Stir fried crabs, at Hong Fu Seafood Restaurant, Sibu.
Jalan Wong King Huo (new shoplots behind Medan Mall)

Black Pepper Crabs from Hong Fu Seafood Restaurant, Sibu
There are different types of crabs, and being cooked in different flavors.

And the diva's choice is: Black pepper crabs.
If you want this special order as per illustrated in the photo, this is how you order:

Stir fried black pepper crabs, big ones, and special select. 

胡椒螃蟹, 选,

My dad bought 3 kg for 5 person, so...if you are big eater, you estimate your own portion.
By the way, the price of the big and special select crabs is RM30 per kilo.

Do not say I did not warn you.

Happy feasting! :)


Simple Person said...

i love crabs....n i think d black pepper style is very nice n simple ..
it could bring out the taste of the crab ...
RM30 is cheaper compare to KL ..
Here is about RM34/kg ...

sibu food diva said...

Food is generally cheaper here in Sibu as compared to KL, seafood is very fresh too. :) I had crabs in KL before, the crabs had muddy after-taste, and left me thinking that the crabs might be farmed instead of the real deal 'wild' ones