Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chinese Food at Steam Room, 1 Mont' Kiara

There is a new place in the 1MK / 1 Mont Kiara mall.

This is a non-halal place.

For those of you who work in 1MK mall or Plaza Mont' Kiara, rejoice! :)

Steam Room.

L1-3A, 1 Mont' Kiara Mall, No. 1, Jalan Kiara,  Mont' Kiara.
Chopsticks at Steam Room
The chopsticks were so beautiful. :)
Steam Room Menu
 This place is very beautiful, and slightly dimmed, Chinese restaurant.

For those who walk all the way to Desa Sri Hartamas to have Chinese food, there is a consolation for you :)

Chinese food in Mont' Kiara. 

Braised peanut at Steam Room

The braised peanuts served before the meal, was exceptionally good. 

The right amount of saltiness, and the smoky after-taste, also, peanut was very soft.

Interior at Steam Room

I don't know what this is, but do look at the rice section, and minced pork.

Minced pork with rice. 

Rice was a bit too small portion. 

Well, if you are not big eater such as me, you cannot complain. 

Perfect for dainty eaters.

Minced Pork with Rice
 I cannot remember what this drink is. 

It has to do with lemon, lime and honey.
Lemon Honey Combo
 And my order, Ipoh koay teow (rice flat noodles) with steamed chicken.

Am I steamed yet? 

Halfway there. 

The steamed chicken was very well presented. 

In fact, it made the diners at the next table staring at it all the time.

Very impolite. Should you want to know, you could just have asked me, and I would happily tell you what dish this is. As simple as that. 

The steamed chicken was excellent in flavor, even the beansprouts had the crunchiness and no funky after - taste. 

Steamed Chicken at Steam Room
 However, to my dismay, the steamed chicken was not thoroughly cooked.

There were pinkish meat all over, which, suppressed my appetite almost immediately.

I guess there were still some hiccups here and there in this restaurant, as it was newly - opened.

But having said that, the minced meat with rice, the meat was thoroughly cooked.


 The ginger and chili, especially the chili, was a bit too little to go with the huge serving of steamed chicken.

Ginger and Chili at Steam Room
 The koay teow

Dry Ipoh Koay Teow at Steam Room
 Koay teow was a bit too salty...aiyayayaya~

Oh by the way, should you order Chinese tea, do ask the server first.

I ordered one cup of Chinese tea, but came one huge pot of tea, mamamia...

The tea was enough for a good company of 6 people. :P

I ordered a durian pancake too. 

But they accidentally forgot to key in my order.


Nevertheless, overall, this place is a must - try, if you are into Chinese food.

Maybe by now, things have improved way than before, you never know :)

Diva was steamed from the room :P

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