Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I want for Christmas

To begin with, I do not have any smartphone.

No Iphone, no Android phone.

I have only my old faithful Sony E K750i.

I'd like to make a wish...I hope, my blog readers can do me a very small favor?

I am not working due to my hyperthyroid illness, at the age of 28.

Plus, I am in the midst of completing my post-graduate study, penniless as can be, without scholarship, and relying on my parents and a good samaritan for $$$ for my medicine and my food bill.

A hyperthyroid patient eats a lot, do you know? :(

This Christmas, with you kind help and a little effort on Facebook,

can you please vote for me to win a Samsung phone?

Thank you very much :)

Click here.

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