Thursday, December 01, 2011

Carvery Kuching Restaurant, Kuching

I am in Christmas mood, despite having to deal with my massive mood swings.

And so, if you have to celebrate Christmas in Kuching, (which I euphorically jumping up and down saying a big NO as I will be in my favorite hometown ;)) make your booking fast!
Carvery Restaurant, Kuching

Abell Hotel, 

Abell Road (Just next block to Tun Jugah Shopping Mall).

Telephone Telephone. Please make your reservation! 

+6082 23 9449

This is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas. 
Need not roast turkey and lamb in your kitchen.

And fret not about wine. They do have Argentina Malbec.

The perfect pairing for all the barbecue meat you are going to savor here!

The buffet dinner started off with a bun, and yikes, a knife in the bun! 

Bun was superb! The accompanying butter... is from Lurpak! 
I am impressed already.

I tell you, I am no stranger in the buffet scene. 

The happy girl is more than happy to help herself to the plethora of food served!

There you go, my first platter of cold cut and salad. Do notice that olives are served as well.


Drum rolls~

The accompanying sauce for the barbecue meat. 

You saw the Serve Me chip on the table? 

There are two sides, one is Serve Me, the other is Thank You.

When you don't want to be served, just flip to Thank You.

But mine was on Serve Me whole night till I was full. :) :) :)

First meat sashayed to my table! Roast leg of lamb.

Very succulent, very fresh. No icy after-taste from thawing in the microwave.

I usually make my own roast lamb, and this one really knock me off big time!


I never thought there is greater tasting chicken wings than the ones in Peach Garden Jalan Song.
This is! I cannot believe chicken wings can be this succulent and leaving this smoky after taste.

Bagus to the max! Bagus is a Malay word that means very good!

I thick - faced-ly asked, if I can take a photo of the meat.
The very nice server actually allows me to do so. ;)

Lamb chops.

Siao Kii. (Crazy already in Hokkien).

Tender and juicy, again.

I am singing a repertoire. 

Next is roast beef.
Slow roast. Slightly chewy, but flavor wise, is amazing.

Hola! Mussels! 

Special request from the Diva. Round 2, with another 4. I devour 5 mussels in a night.

Cooked to perfection. Not rubbery at all.

Here is the wine I am talking about.
Argentina Malbec, not!

Sorry, I have a bit of memory loss. They do have Argentina Malbec, but I forgot I ordered Cabernet Sauvignon instead.


This one below is steak. 

The medium steak, with a hint of pinkish hue in the center.

Again, is very good. In fact, is the best steak I have tasted in Kuching.

Chicken frankfurter. 
I was waiting for beef, but got hi-jacked by other dinner guests. :(

Bacon wrapped chicken frank.
Very nice! 

Finally, my beef frankfurter.

Happy girl!

Oh, this is another platter from the buffet table. 

You can see the amount of food I devour.


Give yourself a good treat this Christmas, head on down to Carvery for a feast!

Diva gives her nod.

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