Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Authentic Sibu Foochow Stir-Fried Noodles at Rong Rong Seafood and Cafe, Sibu

Hm...I am from Sibu myself.

I find it rather amusing that all the al-fresco eateries in Sibu is called Cafe.

Maybe Sarawak has been under the governance of the British colonial, as you don't find this anywhere else in the Peninsular or you call it, the continental part of Malaysia.

Let's get down to food talk, shall we?

This is, authentic Sibu old-fashion Foochow stir-fried noodles.

What a mouthful eh? 

The noodles in the above picture is not of ordinary noodles. It is called, Hung ngan, or Hungan, Hoong ngang;
 whatever. So long as you pronounce it right, and you are on the right track.

If, you should not find any words to order somehow, Bahasa Melayu always works wonders in this small town :)

You say: Hoon ngan goreng kering dengan hati babi

Note that. 

The noodles, is by far, the tastiest Foochow-style noodles I have tasted.

The slightly-charred noodles from wok searing, the aromatic Foochow red wine (very generous amount), also, lots and super lots of shredded pork and liver. ooolala~ 

Now you tell me, why am I so excited to go back to my small town each time I do have a holiday :)

Ah, this is the cafe.

It is very near Kingwood Hotel. 

In fact, it is just behind Kawan Hotel. 

And it is just opposite Jing Xi Lou, the famous Chinese restaurant where weddings and anniversaries are a must to be held at this restaurant.

Now, can you understand my twisted mind giving you all these crazy directions?

If you do not, just drop me a comment on my blog post. I will try to help you in anywhere that I can. 

Peace! ;) 

I forgot to mention, portion is really huge! This one plate, is suffice to feed 2 very hungry mouth, or 3 hungry mouths, or 1 SUPER hungry mouth.

Depends. My statistics is based on approximation :)

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