Monday, September 12, 2011

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Open a Durian

To eat? Or not to eat? 

To love or not to love?

Durian is indeed, a love/hate relationship for everyone. 

You either, love it, or hate it.

There is no in-between. Like it or not, indirectly or directly, or howsoever, you might need to deal with durian someday.

Let me show you, how to open a durian with success without injuring yourself.

First prepare yourself some hand towel and a screwdriver.

These are the durians purchased by Mr Soprano.

First, find the bottom of the durian.

Position the screwdriver on the bottom of the durian.

Poke the bottom of the durian with the screwdriver.
Pry the durian open with the screwdriver. However, I advise you to NOT use bare hand to hold the durian. This is done by a professional. Unless you consider yourself one, you can do it sans towel.

With both hands, insert both thumbs in the cavity, and forcefully but slowly pull it apart. Again, use a hand towel to do so.
Voila :)
Further pry open all the sides, to ensure no hidden durian in the rubbish bin later. 
Employ a durian connoisseur to try out the durian. Mine is Mr Soprano.


Have a blast with durians this durian season! 

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