Thursday, December 02, 2010

Dinner at Badger Bar, Sarawak Club, Kuching

I might have lost my writing vibes.

Very few words, and mostly pictures.

You may call me a giant sloth.

Ah...I am very much stressed out, I guess, the one way ticket out of this temporarily is through indulgence.

Food, glorious food. Today, my pick is Sarawak Club.

On Fridays, satays are available.

And if you're just like me, who love satay to go with beers, this is the place.

P/s: No shorts is allowed in Badger Bar.

Have fun with the photos. As usual, I won't be talking much about the photos describing bla bla bla... I am having menses right now, so you know how crappy my mood is. The food is absolutely fantastic, and the chicken wings in Sarawak Club earn my respect.


Have fun figuring out what I am trying to say.


Chicken wings

Anchovies and herb bread

My staple food in Sarawak Club: Tomato beef koay teow

Beef satay

Cheers and many more cheers to great food ;)


MsHo said...

Hi ! May be if you get more responses to your blog, you will be motivated again. But as usual your photos are great. There is such a thing as a photo blog. You don't have to write anything. Just post your photo and let the world thinks.

Deepak Acharya said...

I want to eat all those foods :P

sibu food diva said...

hello MsHo, hahaha :) i don't know what might motivate me at the moment. it is not about the responses. it is about the pleasure of writing, which i have it from time to time, but not on everyday basis. :) thanks for the encouragement!

deepak: hehehehe :) when r u coming to sarawak?

Madelyn said...

I just returned to the US from 2 weeks in Kuching and am glad I found this post. I didn't get to try out the Badger Bar while I was there, but Tom's, The Junk, Italian restaurant at Merdeka Palace Hotel, Blah Blah Blah were among my fav spots!

sibu food diva said...

hello Madelyn, welcome to my blog :) ah, your fav places seem to be my fav places too! :)