Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Stir Fried Beehoon and Best Kueh Chap: Fantasy Kopitiam Sibu

Ah, I haven't been blogging for a while, left alone about Sibu food!

Shame on me :)

But after all these lavish eats, I can just say, my taste buds have transformed into a rather flamboyant one, at least, or so I think :)

This is at, somewhere behind Rejang Medical, this place is so jammed packed in the morning!

Mainly because of the stir-fried belacan bee hoon, literally means, stir fried vermicelli with fermented shrimp paste.

So uncontrollable is my drool, even as I mention it now.


Next is the best kueh chap, also, can be found in this coffeeshop. The kueh chap is so lovely, it is one out of the world experience! It might be the best in Sarawak too. Better than the kueh chap in Carpenter Street Kuching!

Kueh chap is similar to lagsana in shape, being slightly smaller in shape, and is cooked in a pork broth seasoned with soy sauce, served with all the spare parts, namely intestines, liver, meat, etc.

Enjoy the pics! :)

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