Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pizza Junction, Jalan Song, Kuching


I have been away for a while, and not in my best of health.

Do enjoy the pictures, will update when I am better health wise.


I say, two thumbs up for a homegrown pizza brand.


jfook said...

Umm..The pizza is like "zhap chai" pizza one?? LOL.

sibu food diva said...

yes..with that so many pineapple slices on the pizza, definitely it looks like one jap chai pizza! hahahaha! thanks for the comment and it's pretty amusing :)

Joseph Archibald said...

I much prefer Pizza Junction over the internationally recognized Pizza Hut, here in Kuching.

We had a delivery from Pizza Hut a few weeks ago and the pizza was not so good. But Pizza Junction creates pizza that is much closer to the real Italian deal.

So a big thumbs up to Angie - the owner of Pizza Junction, and to the staff also - service is always with a smile!

Rodz Nocturne said...

Hmmm Pizza Junction's pizza... been a while didn't go there, your post make me wanna go there again.. soon.. :p

zmah said...

Akak makan apa saja yang penting HALAL...

sibu food diva said...

Joseph: thanks! i love pizza junction very much! :)

Rodz Nocturne: hahaha :) go go! it's very nice :)

zmah: this is halal :)