Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Must Go Restaurant in Rejang Park, Sibu

Are you game for happy hours with Sibu Food Diva?

Happy Hours Cafe @ Rejang Park, Sibu.

The Sopranos (Sibu Version 2.1.1)


The squids were grilled to perfection with a winning combination: sambal.

Pandan chicken, love the taste, but I find them a bit too small in portion.

Kung pao chicken. Stir-fried chicken with dried chillies and dark soy sauce. Also very nice! Juicy even though deep fried, prior to stir fry.

A typical Foochow soup, eggy sort (tauhudeah).

Beancurd cooked with razor clams soup. Ooo...this is one of the best I've tasted.

Aaah... :) very sorry. A bit too late to snap the pic. The Sopranos are very ferocious people. :)

Grilled spicy fish (ikan bakar). Very good, a must-try. A bit tangy, not too sweet. The stingray was fresh too.

Philippine-style roasted pork leg. This is the culprit that caused me to suffer from knee pain.

Stir-fried water convolvulus (kangkong) with garlic and light soy sauce.

Believe it or not, you have to queue up for this.

Tom yam noodles. Fine or coarse vermicelli, your choice. Personally, there's nothing to blah about. It's an acquired taste, giving the original thai tom yam a different twist, the not so spicy version with addition of coconut milk and...minced pork balls and fish! :P

Why are Sibu people / Rejang Park residents so crazy about this, I think you have to find out your ownself.

Definitely a recommended place for happy hour in Sibu.

Wine is served too.

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