Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of Teaah Peaang and Chee Peaang

I do not how this come about.

Teaah Peaang vs. Chee Peaang

This delicacy you are looking at right now, is called Teaah Peaang by the Foochows.

Somehow, somewhere there are people who mistakenly call it Chee Peaang.

I don't know if it actually sounded vulgar to you, but it certainly does to me.


As the word "Chee" actually means woman's genitalia in Foochow and Hokkien.

Would you like to have some teaah peaang or chee peaang?



Sandra said...

I love 'dieh biang'! Esp those with meat. Will be making a short trip to Sibu soon. May i know where i can tapao these back to Kuching? :)

sibu food diva said...

hello Sandra :) it is at the main entrance of Sibu Central Market, Channel Road (where you will see two staircases met). You cannot go wrong with the stall, it is facing the road, opposite the road directly, you can a bicycle shop. that's the one! haha :) i hope it's not too difficult for you to find the place.

if all else fail, please email me at mukututu@gmail.com :P