Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hak Guan, along the Cold Storage main road

This coffee shop is located along the mainroad leading to Cold Storage, just before the traffic light, on the opposite site of the road.

It is nicknamed the Lorry Driver's Hang Out Place by my auntie, due to the overwhelming lorries parked around this tiny coffee shop early in the morning.

Hak Guan Coffee Shop.

Rather, it feels as though it's owned by the Chungs. with the Guan going on. Hian Guan, Tau Guan, Qing Guan, Qi Guan. haha:) tell me if I've left anybody out.

People lined up for kuey chap.

But I opted for laksa.

Laksa broth was unexceptionally good, but pity, the prawns weren't fresh.

And the fast-selling out vegetarian spring roll

Good, but not my style of popiah.

Meat eater still loves Uncle Joe's popiah @ Kwong Hup Cafe.

Nice or not for the overall kopitiam delicacies, you have to judge it for yourself.

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