Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Special Invitation from Uncle Joe

I've been invited by Uncle Joe, who serves spring roll @ Kwong Hup Cafe (Jln Keretapi) to sample his special popiah (spring roll).

Not every tom, dick and harry has the opportunity to.

So I count myself as a very loyal customer of Uncle Joe's. :P

And this is it. So good that the popiah has to explode before it detonates in my tastebuds.

At this juncture, i feel very disappointed not having a DSLR.

Else, I can show you the crab meat in my popiah with macro shots.

Utterly juicy, sweet, tantalizing.So seductive.

Hmm...the ultimate seduction of popiah. Never judge a popiah by its skin.


marie said...

you become his vvip customer liao ha? hahahha... the frequent trips to his stall memang bore its fruits liao. kekeke...
now got extra treatment some more. :))

sibu food diva said...

ya...:) i got extra vvip treatment at kwong hup kopitiam! even the madame char koay teow is extra nice towards me ;P