Monday, August 31, 2009

Nasi Lemak Party at The Brodies

Ooo...I had a very satisfying dinner at Auntie J's place last Sunday.

I've always had penchant for nasi lemak.

What's not to like, nasi lemak served with rendang ayam, Johorean style. Aiyo! so sinful ;)

Dinner didn't end there, my dear.

I was further fed with ice cream...paired with F1 on TV.

and also a glass of Baileys!

Oh, alcohol didn't stop there. At that point,I had blurred vision of Kimi Raikkonen already, looking hot even in his unruly hair! Though I've always fancied him with his spiky short hair.

To finish off, look below.

Tell me, how can I not squeal?

This is my fav!

All thanks to the Brodies for the lovely dinner :)


marie said...

i don't mind having nasi lemak now!!! wah... i miss the sambal and flavour of it!

sibu food diva said...

hehe:) hugs no worries! you can get the spices at asian grocery store. how is your blueberry pancake?