Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 year old Single Malt

I am a social drinker.

And I only love whisky. On the rocks please.

My fav would definitely be single malt whisky. I have tried a few: Glenmorangie, Old Pulteney, Glenfiddich until I stumbled upon this rare gem:

Single malt from Islay. La Phroaig.

And if you say, blah... only 10 years old, what is there to shout about?

And I tell you, there certainly is something to shout about. I solemnly tell you, this can beat Glenfiddich's 18 year old anytime! Smokey and smooth, the taste is out of the world.

Look at the alcohol content. If you have a few glasses of this on the rocks, I promise you that I actually look as beautiful as Miss Malaysia in no time ;)


`NiCK^ said...

glenfiddich 15 y/o is 51% laa!!

sibu food diva said...

the taste is different. we're not comparing alcohol level here la,but rather the smoothness of it. very exotic taste. apuu u should ditch your jim beam and jack daniels for this!

Paul said...

don't drink and drive ah... hahaha... later you think you are Michael Schumacher... zoom zoom zoom with your MyVi...

sibu food diva said...

no michael schumacher, paul. only lewis hamilton :P but La Phroaig + Glenfiddich become VALENTINO ROSSI ;)