Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chong & Low Cafe, BDC Kuching

To get the best of the best handmade noodles, you just have to find your way here. Chong & Low Cafe, just a walking distance from Everise BDC and Stampark.

I ordered plain noodles (without meat) and the soup, aptly called "cheng".
Noodles was good, springy and firm, no borac acid smell or whatever funky chemical smell.

The soup consisted of wantan, thick pork slices (very generous, not the usual kopitiam paper thin ones), thick slices of fish, seaweed, beancurd stuffed with meat, oh! i lost count already :P Not to mention, the soup was flavorful on its own, without MSG.

Next we have this pretty auntie who whips up fantastic Sarawak Laksa. Since my bro was buying the breakfast, we opted for SPECIAL LAKSA. woohoo! :) which means, more prawns than the usual one.

Very very hot and spicy!

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