Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tea for 3 @ Mr Ho Fine Foods

This swanky eating place is non other than Mr Ho Fine Foods, Kuching. Sorry auntie J, I didn't mean to capture part of your arm in my pic :P

Very nice decor. The unfathomable part time vegetarian Sibu Food Diva is just overly delighted. Mention pork chop, ribs or salami, I'll squeal, squeal and squeal. Though I'm born in the year of Pig, there's a big cannibalism streak in me which I can't hide. At all.

Lovely bruschetta, with a medley of tomato salsa on top, but where's the sun-dried tomatoes?
Take a closer look. The bread is lovely, just the right texture, crunchy and very aromatic, unlike some other outlets, bruschetta tend to be a bit soggy and blah.

Oho! are you a bread pudding freak like I do? I dig the presentation. :) Goes very well with the ice-cream, but how come there's burnt smell? Since this is a non-halal restaurant, why not add liquor eg. Cointreau into your bread pudding? and cinnamon please! Merci beaucoup.

I promise a revisit to this place, to try their pork and everything else. Kudos to me for knowing how to drive there! hehe :P


Big Boys Oven said...

the food looks amazing, it the dining along the verendah, looks awesome!

muku said...

indeed is awesome, big boys :) and the best part is that this is a casual dining place, good for people like me who don't dressed to the nines :p

Eileen said...

Food looks good enough to leave my hubby of 36 years for Kuching! Very tempting. Will muse over.

sibu food diva said...

hie, if i'm not mistaken you must be Auntie Eileen. ;) hugz!