Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Food At Sibu Central Market

Stall No. 86: Hock Hua Porridge and Ketupat Babi

Fancy having pork congee or non-halal ketupat?

You just have to make a beeline for this stall. Only opens at night during weekdays and Sat and Sun mornings.

Hmm..the generous amount of fried shallots. So good, so light. If you are not a porridge fan, do drop by whenever you are not feeling well... haha.;)

Stall No. 21

This stall is famous for its goreng goreng.

Tops the list:
Stir-fried Kuey Teow With Eggs, Bean Sprouts and Spring Onions
Stir-fried Kuey Teow With Clams
Mee Hong Kong

This is their stir-fried kuey teow with clams

This is a Foochow specialty: Char Pak Kueh

Why I love these two stalls very much, coz I've got VIP pass to these stalls... or rather jump-queue pass :) Kindly note that I am Central Market TAJIE :P

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