Sunday, April 12, 2009

Contenders for Best Innovative Kampua in Sibu

Gone are the days when kampua was served with plain spring onion soup and a few pieces of pork with red colorings.

Contender No. 1: Zheng Jih Nice Food Stall at Lorong Lanang 1

This place is also famous for its deep-fried yam kueh and red wine chicken soup.

The delectable yam kueh. Gone in 60 sec0nds. You've gotta be early for this. Sold out fast.

The signature red wine chicken soup. Look at the ginormous drumstick.
The Zheng Zih Kampua. Ransacking this piece of jewel, you will find a generous amount of deep fried minced meat. Taste wise, really yum! The kampua is done perfectly. Al dente. Who says al dente is only confined to Italian cuisine?

Contender No. 2: Rasa Sayang at Jalan Pahlawan

Nice decor, fully air-conditioned, for those penguins who are afraid of heat wave. ;)

The kampua: Minced meat with braised pork on top. How's that? At only RM2.20, it is a steal!
But the noodles are more of kolo mee type. Not the usual kampua noodles. Not very much al dente. If I have to throw a strand of noodles on the wall, it won't stick to the wall yet.

But RM 2.20 is not enough to fill my tummy.. Time for dry wantan.

Hmm.. this one is a bit so-so. Not meaty enough. Still Central Market one champs for wantan.

My verdict: Zheng Zih Nice Food Stall Champs :) in terms of size (i am a big eater) and taste

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