Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank God It's Friday TGIF @ Pavillion

Give me TGIF anyday!
Aah..there you go..

I totally endorse TGIF! yeah! It's totally true..serving up good times daily!

For appetizers, I recommend parmesan-crusted chicken quesadillas.

Take a look at it..It's toasted flour tortilla with melted cheese inside.
And there you go..

Here comes the main attraction of the evening.. Jack Daniel's everything!

This is a pic of JD steak.

But I ordered JD ribs..

The taste of the ribs is perfect 10. No joke..perfect 10. I would say, better than other popular outlets that also serve ribs. As I've said, you cannot go wrong with TGIF.

Trip to Friday's is never complete...sans dessert.

And my personal recommendation.. Mocha Mud Pie.

It will just blow you away with its richness..
I wouldn't mind Friday's any day.. given if my cholesterol level is under control. :)

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Hack88 said...

Where's mine ???
i also wan !!!!!