Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dim Sum @ Taman Connaught (corner lot coffeeshop)

Your dim sum aficionado is back ;)

There's one very jam-packed coffeeshop which serves lovely dim sum in KL, located at Taman Connaught. It's a corner lot shop, just opposite CIMB block.
I've been there several times (upon request). :) Apparently, when I was there on my last trip, me and Victor were seated next to a group of three girls, and one of them particularly caught my attention. She's tanned and didn't look Chinese at all, and she was blabbing away in Cantonese with her other two girlfriends. When I sat down, the conversation between the girls was suddenly being halted. The sun-kissed girl had asked her two other friends to look at me. I guess I'm no less different from her! She must have thought, what the heck is a Malay girl doing in a Chinese restaurant, judging from my not so Chinese features. :P

And to that, we toast to my not-so-Chinese look. Have a feast, peeps!

Chee cheong fun

Stir-fried white radish cake

The delectable braised chicken feet

Pork dumpling

Deep fried prawn dumpling with a dollop of mayonnaise

Chinese pancake with lotus paste filling

Steamed pork ribs

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