Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh Lord, merci beaucoup for this meal.. :)

It's been a while since my long disappearance..I have been very busy with my research. Anyways, I miss home very much. Things are very much different in Kuching now, I guess. Even meals are so different now.. I had a hearty meal at Auntie Pauline's place last Sunday before leaving for my place at Kota Samarahan. Only God knows how much I crave for rice. Today, with the help of my cousin, Marie, I manage to locate the nearest KFC which is 12 kM away from my place. It's in Tabuan Jaya. The moment I saw my meal being placed on the tray, I was so overjoyed I almost ended up in tears.. happy tears that is.. :) So happy to see rice, words can't describe my happiness. And I felt so sorry that I was a bit ferocious because I tugged the tray while the KFC staff was busy adjusting the food on my tray. Talking bout aggressiveness. :)


marie said...

hahahhaa... and all thanks to me! xD

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the food blog, very interesting. Did u study in utm,johor? Greeting from another Sibuan.

sibu food diva said...

hello jonathan :) oh yes, i studied in utm previously. hello Sibuan! :) feel free to visit my food blog anytime!