Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Dumpling Tea House Sibu

When I was back in Sibu two weeks ago, I had the chance to come to this place, which is a very humble and lowly one.. Sibu people has yet to know that they can find the best gyoza in this place..It's called The Dumpling Teahouse. So sorry about the reverse wordings, I was too hungry to even inch out to take photo of the there you go, read backwards, thank you.

The shop is small and cozy, but I do have to admit it's hot! As in I'm sweaty in here.

Look at the variety of food being listed here.. but I warn you not to be too adventurous in this shop.
Whenever I come to this place, I would surely order two dishes, one is this :..gyoza. or pot stickers, or suikow, or dumpling. Whatever you wish to call it. One bite into it, and the juice will burst in your mouth, awakening all your senses.. Hmm..lovely.
And next, is this..Rou Zha Mien @ minced beef noodles. It's listed as the first dish in the menu, just in case you don't read Chinese like I do. :)
Need I say more? ;) It will haunt you in your dreams.. Happy feasting, peeps. :)

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Paul Tang said...

I really wanna whack your head ah... make me drool for food... I am fat enough already, k?