Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fishy Affair

Let me tell you a fishy story today.. Looks like all my dirty secrets are to be spilled in today's blog.. Frankly, i had a love affair with this fish. It's called Coral Trout. It just arrived from Mukah straight to my home..
And into my sink.. playing with bubbles..naughty naughty.. mum caught me in the act..therefore it was sentenced to death through slow torturing. Look at the way my mum disect it. Girls, pay attention. Learn from the best. Else, how are you going to prepare Ikan Masak Asam for your in-laws?
After that, it's going to head to fridge before post-mortem.
Oops! at Fat Mum..look at what happen to my coral trout..tantalizing..
Look at the juicy and tender texture of the meat..oh..fabulosity. like how Kimora Lee says it. ;)


Amy Lim said...

Wow...The fish is delicious...By the way...How do u know my blog? Can U read in chinese? Anyway...Welcome to my blog...

Paul Tang said...

Wow... where is my share? I wanna eat :P you owe me some dim sum oh ^_*

eostrublue said...

hahaha... cruel but that the way to get the fish done and into your tummy... hahahaha