Monday, July 21, 2008

Dim Sum Dolly

I have always been very fond of dim sum. To tell you the truth, I am so very grateful that Zhong Hua Mei Shi @ Mitsu Tea House, a dim sum haven has finally open its doors in Sibu.

Before I commit the sin of gluttony, let me just show you the menu.

Now, this is Chee Cheong Fun, a favorite delicacy among Cantonese.

This is stir-fry bitter gourd with beef. I know I am eccentric. To be frank, you can just call me "xiao" for taking dim sum with stir-fry bitter gourd. :P
This is one of the best. Shanghainese Beef Noodles.

I particular love this to bits. Egg tart. Not Achipalang egg tart but Hongkie style egg tart with crusty pastry.
Ooo..I remember how I traveled to Singapore just for this. Xiao Loong Tang Pao. Fabulous! The ample juice may just squirt a few centimeters away. If only Olympic includes eating Xiao Loong Tang Pao, I have the guts to tell you that I might just win at least a bronze for squirting the juices.
Turnip cake. Not everyone will love this. Unless you are a truly devoted dim sum lover.
This is the champion! A tribute to my native hakka.. teehee.. Enjoy the food. I give this restaurant a 10 out of 10 rating. super good!


Amy Lim said...

I have been there before...upon a recommendation from one of my friends...I think the tea is excellent quality...but...too expensive for me...hehehe...

Hack said...

i also wan leh.........

muku said...

once in a while is okay la..:) i would say, the dim sum is very good, but the tea is not that good yet..i have other recommendations for tea. ;) ah hack! treat me when i'm back in sibu. haha..

Hack said...

haha.... then when u come back leh~~~
Remember to tell me oooo, beauty !!!