Monday, June 09, 2008

Compaction Test

My final year students taking up Geotechnical Engineering were trying their hands on compacting soil sample. The value obtained from this compaction test serves as a guideline to determine the compactive effort on-site. I instructed my students to perform 5 sets of this test. The mould was filled with three layers of soil, and 27 blows for each layer.

Can't blame them for looking so gloomy in these pics. :P It was quite tiring, I must say..kekeke..the rammer is 2.5 kg.


clement said...

i remember this test.... when the water reaches optimum level... sibeh hard to remove the soil.... knock few times and... the mould broke into 2!!!

muku said...

wah! so shock u got read my blog oso! next time u need to consult me first before removing the thing..hahaha..

Anonymous said...

you are microbiologist. then what to do with compaction and microbiology?