Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mind Blowing Homemade Chili Sauce and Marmalade at Plaza Mont Kiara Night Market

I grew up eating bread almost each day for breakfast, packed sandwiches for school.

Whenever I opened my container, I just sighed. 

It was either: margarine spread with a sprinkling of sugar, peanut butter or orange marmalade.

I felt rather 'bleh' sort. But thinking back, I realised how grateful I am back then, to have food and all but still complaining.

Back then, my parents were not that well to do, so they couldn't afford to give me pocket money on a daily basis to 'indulge' in canteen food.

Fast forward a couple of decades later, my tastebud somehow goes rather nostalgic and I do, as a matter of fact, appreciate all those flavours mentioned above, EXCEPT margarine.

I have multiple types of fine butter, several jars of peanut butter and also jars of different brands of marmalade.

Speaking of which, I guess you won't quite understand this marmalade thing if you are not from Sarawak.

I have been swaying, brands after brands finding that perfect marmalade.

And I stumble upon this.

Homemade confitures, salt and an array of sauces, curds and such at Plaza Mont Kiara Thursday market / night market (pasar malam). 

She made these amazing condiments herself.

Celio Orange Marmalde at Plaza Mont Kiara Thursday Market
I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, but I thought, since it was (and it is still is) affordable, so I decided to get a small bottle and try.

Homemade Condiments by Celio at Plaza Mont Kiara Thursday Market
I was like, oh…this is way better than Chivers!

Very fragrant, just that perfect hit of sweetness and that signature tang of marmalade.

Cannot be more perfect than this.

And that is not all, she makes very very mind-blowingly tasty chili sauce.

So good, that I have to scoop a few teaspoons onto my food daily. 

It has chili, garlic, ginger, vinegar, and a hint of lemongrass maybe? I can't really figure out, but as long as it gives pleasure to my palate, I am all for it!

It drives my husband crazy that I incorporate chili sauce in whatever savoury dish that I am about to eat, but then again, I remind my husband over and over again, that I practise food democracy in my household. 

That is to me, my freedom of eating. 

Needless to say, it is a perfect match with chicken rice.

Homemade Chili Sauce at Plaza Mont Kiara Thursday Market

I mean, just look at that.

Apparently, I am not the only one who is obsessed with the chili sauce.

I saw lots of people from Plaza Mont Kiara ordered from her.

Fret not if you are not from this area, and would love to purchase from her.

She has Facebook page

The contact details are there.

She would be more than happy to post to wherever you are in Malaysia.

Best of all, her products are carefully and meticulously cleaned and prepared (that's a lot of love going in there)

So, worry not, and enjoy.

There are very affordable, I promise you. 

Homemade Condiments at Plaza Mont Kiara Thursday Market
These are so good that they are worth mentioned in Time Out KL.

She has a plethora of other condiments, some I have yet to try.

So if you like to meet the seller in person and try for yourself or just to ascertain if I am just bombastic, you head on down to Thursday Market in Plaza Mont Kiara.

I do not know what time she starts her business, but what I do know is that I spot her there as early as 3 pm. 

Don't go to bed dreaming of chili sauce and marmalade tonight. 


The Yum List said...

With a title like that I couldn't help visiting. :-) There's another lady that sells her goods at this market under the name of Culinary Capers. Her stuff is delicious too. I love her dips such as beetroot hummus.

suituapui said...

Interesting chili sauce - lots of garlic or ginger? Should go very well with chicken rice.

sibu food diva said...

i tried to find culinary capers, the yum list, but i couldn't :( maybe you can roughly tell me where's the stall? e.g. next to the brownie stand? i love dips too!

suituapui: yes! lots of garlic and ginger. very very tasty!

Rose said...

Hi! Blog hopping from STP.

Wow! The marmalade was pretty unique. I am sure it tasted great on bread. I also grew up with bread as a kid. Peanut butter sandwich or jam sandwiches with warm Milo. My kids are luckier, I cook tgem luncheon meat and egg sandwiches every morning before schools.

sibu food diva said...

yes, the marmalade was very lovely :) i wish i live next door to you, rose! love luncheon meat to death!

suituapui said...

Goshhhh!!! The chili sure looks good! Wish I could get my hands on that!