Tuesday, March 11, 2014

China Shop in Sibu

My blog post seems very scarce these days, on an average one post per month.

I have a lot of backlogged photos, though. 

You might find it very hard to believe me, yes, I do not go online that much.

My gadgets are cruising and chilling, taking a back seat. :)

Not that I am lazy, I just simply can't. 

My eyes hurt. 

So, what do I do?

I do things that people do in the 90s. I read, I chill, I yoga, I bake I cook, and most important of all, I live life to the fullest. :)


Back to food.

I do not know if my other blogging friend has blogged about this place, it is located opposite Rejang Book Store in Sibu in the vicinity of HSBC bank.

The sign board has got massive Chinese wordings, accompanied by tiny Latin alphabet that says Yilitar.

The shop is operated by two lovely husband and wife team, hailed all the way from mainland China.

I find that the food is utterly gorgeous, a different league than your usual suspects.

Stir fried tomatoes with eggs
How can a dish so simple taste so good? :)

Meat dumplings
I am a meat eater. The dumplings or known as jiao zi, come in beef or pork. I personally prefer beef.

Physical appearance wise, they don't look as appealing as Din Tai Fung's jiao zi.

But I tell you, looks are deceiving!

Currently I am residing in a city where I can have Din Tai Fung anytime, but I still think of jiao zi at this place. 

Give me this anytime, I am able to stuff them down my throat. 

Ma Po Tofu

Oh and this. 

Their ma po tofu is to die for.

Braised pork

Since the very beginning, I am a very big fan of their braised pork trotter rice (tu kar peng in Hokkien) or it was pronounced as Zhu Shou Fan in Mandarin.

But sometimes my father brought me here a little late past lunch hour and my favourite dish was already sold out.

The owner served me this instead, I love it nevertheless. 

Stir fried okra with beef offal
My mum loves this.

If I remember clearly, this dish has one of the funkiest name listed in the menu.

It says: "Lady fingers with ox hassle"

Don't laugh :)

They don't speak English 

I don't know what this is
Now. The last one. I admit I am a failure.

This is a specialty only made by the wife.

If the wife is not around at the shop, there you go. You can't have it.

It is crispy on the outside, and the filling comprised of minced meat and onion.


Overall the food is very delicious.

Make sure you can speak Mandarin. Or else you can show my food pictures to the proprietor and they will understand :)

It is not very cheap, to begin with. I find it, reasonable. Not the dirt cheap type.

May the odds ever be in your favour! :)

Hope that you don't get lost in translation :) See you soon in my next blog post. :)


suituapui said...

I wonder if they're the same couple running a stall at night at Payung Mahkota. Somebody, your uncle, Robert, told me about this shop...but I cannot for the dear life of me remember what he said was nice. Growing old!

sibu food diva said...

now i feel very ashamed, where is payung mahkota? :P oh my...no worries about the food, show them photos and get ready to be lost in translation! :) that's the best part isn't it? :)

The Yum List said...

I like the look of the first two dishes. I'm a sucker for dumplings. I like the steamed kind rather than the fried.

sibu food diva said...

Me too, Yum! :) hands down my vote goes to the steamed ones

Sean said...

it sounds good to be offline more often though. i sometimes get stressed cos i have to be online for my job, heh. but hopefully the condition of your eyes will improve. i really like the dishes in this post, especially the look of the eggs and the meat dumplings. they look very well-prepared :D

Anonymous said...

The last dish is called Shao Ping.Literally mean hot bun. I've tried this at People's park Singapore. It is really yummy.

sibu food diva said...

oh, it does, Sean :) feel good moments without tech stuffs.

Anonymous: thank you, i finally found out what it is. It is called Zhiu Chai He. :) I used to frequent People's Park years ago. That was 20 years ago :)