Thursday, December 12, 2013

Credit Card Calling

I have been rather frazzled of late.

Very busy, on top of that, the disease is creeping in my blood doing all sorts of funny stuffs.



I am writing here today, about credit card.

Particularly, HSBC.

My man has been getting calls every now and then from HSBC.

Not because he has escalating debts in his cards, but rather, because he is a good pay master and these credit card marketing people love to offer him credit cards.

If you ask me why my man did not refuse the calls in the first place, this is because he thought that it could possibly be his business associates calling from land line.

Once he knew it was from HSBC credit card people, he would ARGHHH at me.

I have been very patient all these while. 

HSBC has been great, they even called us when we were abroad, to offer credit card to my man.

And a few days ago, Ambank called me in the afternoon. 

Murphy's law. I sleep in the afternoon, my dear. Every.

So the other person was talking about some financial products to me.

Half sleeping half waking up, somewhere along the line, I heard, "cash back".

I told her nicely, "excuse me, I do not need cash back, as I am already a multi-millionaire. Why don't you pick someone else. Thank you."

Because the lady did not sound very polite in the first place, and I just woke up.

So I joked with my man. The next time HSBC calls you, why don't you tell them you are a bankruptcy and that the money in the bank actually belonged to your wife.

He said, no no...they might cut my current credit card off! With a huge laugh. 

I said, or this way.

When they offer you credit card, why don't you offer them silver.

Tell them your wife is selling silver, if you take up a card, please buy some silver from your wife too.

Like mimicking them, hello, sir? do you want to purchase silver jewellery? 

Yes? No?

What bout this?

Bankable to HSBC account too! :)

Oh! Free postage within Malaysia!

I hope you understand.

Phone marketing is a thing of a past.

Give me statistics of people who actually accept the credit card offer through phone.

I am a very good at data analysis.

I bet, very few.

Even if yes, are these people good paymaster? 

I won't be very offended if you send SMS instead of calls.

I might even have interest in what you are trying to say, if you put it in SMS.

If I do not like what I see, I just delete the SMS.

Carpe diem, it's Friday. :)

Have a good weekend everyone. 


Sean said...

Ya, I wish fhe credit card folks would stop calling too. It's usually calls when I'm in the office working, heh =) hope your schedule and health both improve as the year winds down to an end, ya...

sibu food diva said...

oh ya, tell me about it. :) that's why my man always ARGH at me :P

thank you sean, for the wishes. all the best to you too, and cheers to many more eats! :)

The Yum List said...

I think all banks are full of crooks! I don't trust any!

sibu food diva said...

i do agree with you :) hahahaha :) they just love to call me multiple times whenever i am out of the country for no reasons.

Simple Person said...

Hmmm I never receive call from cc bank... Mayb they manage to found out that I m a poor guy...
Hope that horsiee year will bring you good health...