Monday, November 25, 2013

Best Nasi Lemak in Mont Kiara, KL


Tell me about it. What is going on in KL, Kuching and Sibu? 

Feel free to drop me an email, would love to hear. :)

I have been away for so long, I miss local food so much!

Nasi Lemak at Hainan Station, Plaza Mont Kiara
This is my usual breakfast haunt, and my favourite order.

Nasi lemak extra sambal. 

It is very tasty, and even better than Madam Kwan's.

Should you have friends coming to Malaysia, you should bring them here.

The rice is very fragrant, and the dish is very consistent. 

Fiery sambal as always.

Hainan Station deserves ISO 9002.


Oh by the way, it is for breakfast only. 

You may try your luck for lunch but no promises. 


The Yum List said...

You're back! Good to see you again.

sibu food diva said...

thank you, yum :)

Sean said...

ooo, i've never eaten at hainan station, maybe cos i thought it was a generic kopitiam. i love nasi lemak though, so i really should try this sometime. plus, my mom's side is hainanese! :D

sibu food diva said...

you should try! :) better than oldtown/ ipohtown, definitely. try: nasi lemak, nonya beehoon, and the curry puffs are amazing, only available during weekdays.

lunchtime: nasi goreng indonesia is super good!