Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ales and Lagers, KL

I love this shop.

Nice selection of beers. 

Pardon me, I had to cover my mouth from either laughing or crying, when a few men walked in while I was there and they asked, "Can you recommend me a mid range sort of beers?"

The owner was like, err....but being ultra accommodating at the same time. 

Super love the hospitality :)

So, do drop by if you favour the "mid - range" sort of beers. :)

Ey, is there such thing as "mid -range" beers?

Feel free to enlighten me.

I am not a beer person, per say, but this shop converts me.

The ones shown in the photo below are my favs.

Ales and Lagers, Publika, Solaris Dutamas
D1-G4-6, behind espressoLAB, Publika.

Operating hours: 3pm - 10pm daily.


Missy Missy said...

yes...a lovely place for that good drink!

sibu food diva said...

yes, totally agree :)