Thursday, September 19, 2013

Petit Four, Plaza Mont Kiara

*update: October 2013; Petit Four has decided to scrap off the Thursday market, they are now available  online basis, do contact them at *

I've got SMS asking me if I need some rescue team to look out for me. :)

I'm all good, and how have you been?

I've been away from KL for a few weeks, I admit I kind of miss KL.

Especially when I have goodies to look forward to, every Thursday at Pasar Malam Plaza Mont Kiara or notoriously known as Thursday Market.

I have blogged about Petit Four before, they were then stationed at 1MK (1Mont Kiara) mall on a fortnight basis. Feel free to ransack my blog to read about them.

But now, they are there at the Thursday Market Plaza Mont Kiara every Thursday.

Opposite HSBC stall no. 018

Red Velvet Brownie by Petit Four, Mont Kiara

Everything they have to offer tastes very awesome.

And I mean it.

Frittata by Petit Four, Mont Kiara

Date and Fig Cake by Petit Four, Mont Kiara
That little round thing beside the cake is persona non grata. It is my home baked scone, just happen to be in the photo (I use wide angle camera with fixed lens so I can't possible zoom in on the cake and leaving out the little scone.)

Let's talk about the date and fig cake. I love it! It is very fragrant, I don't know, correct me if I am wrong, I tasted some apples in there, or am I just hallucinating. This cake is not always on the stand, the texture is very similar to pound cake, not everyone loves this type of dense cake, but I know I do. Very much! 

Let's talk about my scone. :) I unashamedly tell you that my scone rocks. So meticulous. But delicious in every way, that is because I spend so much time for the whole baking process. My narcissistic streak is showing, I know. Anyone who tells you that scones are very easy to bake, that's a big lie. To achieve that flaky and fluffy interior yet crunchy exterior, there is actually lots of homework to do. 

Carrot Halwa by Petit Four, Mont Kiara

Burek by Petit Four, Mont Kiara

Red Velvet Cake by Petit Four, Mont Kiara

Cauliflower and Minced Beef Frittata by Petit Four, Mont Kiara

Apple Pie by Petit Four, Mont Kiara

Who needs McDonald's apple pie when you can lay your hands on this?

I'm a big fan of apple pie, but simply, too lazy to bake.

Before Petit Four comes into the picture, I had to put up with McDonald's.

Now, no. 

I have these gems in my fridge, in case of emergency hunger attack. 

I never get bored of eating these, buy them every week, in bulk, whenever I am in KL. :)

Apple Pie (up close) by Petit Four, Mont Kiara


Sean said...

ooo, i've never managed to visit the thursday market before, but this sounds like an excellent incentive to go. EVERY SINGLE ITEM in your post looks like it's worth devouring with glee. love how fresh and thick all their food looks :D

suituapui said...

Yummmm....I super-like!

The Yum List said...

So many goodies to choose from!

Missy Missy said...

Thursday! That's going to be a date to keep in my calendar!