Monday, August 05, 2013

Fish Culture Cafe, Sibu

In Sibu, odd hours such as 2 pm to 5 pm there is some sort of siesta going on.

A lot of cafes are not opened this time of the day, except for the fast food stuffs.

Apart from McDonald's KFCs and Sugarbuns, this place is open for business.

They serve fish - based dim sums, and very nice sambal.

If you love noodles, you just have to try the mushroom noodles.

Tom Yam Hun Ngan at Fish Culture Cafe, Sibu
Tom Yam Hun Ngan (Coarse beehoon simmered in tom yam soup) is okay, it is slightly tangy that's why I love it. 

But one thing though. 

The workers were always very tired. They seemed rather not motivated to work. :P 

I have been there early morning, lunch and late afternoon, they seemed so tired they could fall asleep!

Mushroom Mee at Fish Culture Cafe, Sibu

Orders can be rather slow at times, so if you are rushing for work, just go for the dim sums.

By the way this cafe is behind Medan Mall slightly towards the left, just next to DHL office.

I love the fishballs stuffed with minced meat too.

Cheerio, I'll have my siesta now.


Sean said...

it's nearly 3pm now, and i wouldn't mind a siesta either! :D ooo, i'd order the mushroom mee here, partly cos i prefer dry noodles to wet ones. and i like stuffed fishballs, cos we get something extra inside to munch on :D

suituapui said...

Been there once, didn't really like it...and there was this communication breakdown - everyone there spoke nothing but Mandarin and I had a tough time trying to make myself understood with the sprinkling that I knew. Didn't really like what I had so I never bother to go again. Very popular though, always crowded and many people making a beeline there - obviously, they like what they serve...

The Yum List said...

I would like to give the mushroom soup a whirl. Maybe it's too hot for the workers. I always have less energy in the heat.

sibu food diva said...

the fish balls are very tasty, sean! :)

suituapui: ya...i totally understand. it's rather chaotic in the morning, and the servers were dragging their feet. the other day i had the tom yam again, it was diluted and not nice to the max.

yum: true, it is very hot in sibu. so hot that there is no need for me to use a hair dryer to blow dry my hair. :P in less than 10 minutes after shower, my hair is almost dry..

Missy Missy said...

So many good food to entice me in Sibu!