Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Malindo Air Review

When there is something new, I just have got to try. :)

Malindo Air Kuching - Kuala Lumpur Sector

Malindo Air.

My flight from Kuching (KCH) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) was around 10 in the morning one fine day.

Economy Class.

(I have to test water first before jumping straight into the business class)

Malindo Air Interior

In the travel itinerary, it was stated that one should be at the airport 3 hours before the flight. 

And so I abide with the rules.

Bear in mind that at the time I was traveling, booking for seats was not introduced yet, so it was a first - come - first - served basis.

That morning, only one Malindo counter was opened, and the staff attending to me was rather reluctant with my request, that I pleasantly asked for an aisle seat, if that was possible. Her face literally turned sour upon my inquiry.  

Why do you need to get upset? :) I was just asking, not demanding, by the way. But I was in a jolly mood, and I did not want to stoop so low to quarrel over an aisle seat.

But she gave me by the way. And I am really grateful.

So that little thing aside, I was very very happy with the service.

Top - notched.

Plenty of very recent movies on - board, and the sandwich was not bad.

Light Meal Provided On Board: Malindo Air

Do use your earphones though.

Earphones provided by Malindo Air is RM5 per pair on loan.

Stewardess were dressed in Balinese style kebaya.

Also, the leg room is more spacious than other local airlines.

I am very swoon with the business class. 

The seat itself looked very promising.

I shall pen down my thoughts on business class with Malindo Air the next time. 


The Yum List said...

Ooh, I've been waiting for this one to open. Another budget airline is good news for consumers. :-)

Simple Person said...

That's is good provide light meal n earphone
Better than AA

sibu food diva said...

indeed, yum! another airline is always good news.

simple person: i can't say it is better than AA, but it is more comfortable in the sense it operates from KLIA and not LCCT

suituapui said...

You were invited to review? They got my email from me but never got back to me after that. Flying to Sibu soon. Too bad! Their loss!!!

sibu food diva said...

no la, i wasn't invited. not that famous to be invited in the first place ;) this is independent, unbiased review.