Monday, March 04, 2013

Limoncello at KLCC, KL

I was looking forward to this restaurant for the longest time.

Just located opposite the fountain in KLCC (beside Starbucks). 

There is no limoncello in the menu.

Just so you know, you have to ask for it, off the menu! :)

I did, and I have got mine. :)

The food was fantastic, but the service was way too efficient.

The servers took my plate immediately as I lifted the last of the last crumb. 

Very attentive. 

Limoncello at KLCC, KL

In fact, I felt rather uncomfortable as they were watching my plates very closely.

I felt like I was dining on a stage. :)

But never mind that. 

Be sure to choose a table closer to the fountain, that will be a nice and quiet place, and away from the stares.

Limoncello at KLCC, KL
I ordered, a limoncello, aubergine in passata (tomato paste), and a pizza.

Limoncello at KLCC, KL

Limoncello at KLCC, KL

Pizza at Limoncello, KLCC, KL

Food is alright.

Very tough competition in KLCC, not forgetting there is Marini's on 57. 

Limoncello is much more casual per say.

This outlet is still pretty new, give it a few months more and I am sure service will be top - notched.

After all, this is a sister company of Spasso Milano. :)


suituapui said...

That looks good. My daughter would love it, I'm sure.

The Yum List said...

I'm quite fond of their limoncello too. Location is nice there with a view of the fountain.

missyblurkit said...

Being meaning to try this place each time we walk pass but yet to do so!

sibu food diva said...

give it a try, missy :)