Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cafe Berlin, 1MK, Mont Kiara, KL

Breakfast in Mont Kiara as early as 8 am is scarce.

Cafe Berlin, newly opened bakery is opened at 8 am for breakfast.

There is a plethora of bread, including stollen. (I'm feeling Christmassy ;))

Cafe Berlin, 1Mont Kiara Mall, KL
Cafe Berlin is still very new. 

There is some hiccups in the operation. 

The coffee was, mediocre even though they do have a very nice coffee machine.

Let's see. They might improve over time.

Cafe Berlin, 1Mont Kiara Mall, KL
What I love about this place, is the sandwich.

I have to say, the best sandwiches I have eaten in my 29 years of living!

Ciabatta with Tuna

Cafe Berlin, 1Mont Kiara Mall, KL

Sunflower dark roll with beef

Cafe Berlin, 1Mont Kiara Mall, KL

Cafe Berlin, 1Mont Kiara Mall, KL
Absolutely sensational to my tastebuds.

The bread was very fragrant, and having the right crisp.

Very fresh bread indeed.

Cafe Berlin
G-20 1Mont Kiara Mall,
1 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara.
Phone number: 03-64116497


suituapui said...

Looks so good? German place?

The Yum List said...

You're back! So long. Good to see you again. :-) I love sandwiches too. These ones look like sure fire tummy fillers.

missyblurkit said...

Probably the coffee machine needs some calibration or most unfortunately if the beans have oxidised. Learnt that when I attended Illy's coffee classes.

Simple Person said...

I love sandwiches .. and always add a lot of green in it..

sibu food diva said...

yep, german place :) my guess is the owner is from Turkish descent living in Germany. Glad to see everyone here too!

Update: the coffee is top-notched now. the place to go for coffee in 1Mont Kiara.

simple person: come by! i'd love to meet you and fuifui :)