Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camera For Hyperthyroidism Patient

And so, I was asked.

What camera do I possess?

It is a Canon S95.


It is fast enough for my shaky hands caused by my disease, hyperthyroidism.

It is so good that I use Auto mode mostly, with CMOS censor, it is just perfect.

Also, it is fast enough to capture that precious moments without worrying about shaky hands that might produce blurry photos.

Again, using it is believing. :) I'm just replying to one of my blog readers who emailed me regarding this question.

Cheerio :) Canon, delighting me always.

Camera for Hyperthyroidism Patients


Anonymous said...

Great choice. That's what I use... They've newer, nicer models now though...

sibu food diva said...

Eh! Foodie think alike! :)

Simple Person said...

I don't like to carry camera...
All I got is my mobile phone..

sibu food diva said... mobile phone is very dino ah! fit to display in a museum :)