Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sin Chong Choon Laksa, Kuching

You know when you need to catch an airplane, especially if you are using AirAsia where you need to buy your own food on board (lest you fly business class via MAS), you might need to catch your breakfast before you run straight to the airport in Kuching.

This is the best bet. 

Sin Chong Choon, just next to Green Heights Mall (Cold Storage Kuching)

Sin Chong Choon Laksa

But of course, expect to wait a bit. 

As the crowd could be rather overwhelming. 

I had spotted a Tan Sri before having laksa here. 

Laksa is very nice, best coupled with the famous teh C peng (iced milk tea) of this particular coffeeshop.

You will be thrilled. :) 

At least this sounds more exciting than in-flight food that you need to buy on board of the low cost airline.



Simple Person said...

Wow is red n spicy le.....
Look at it ..I start to scratch my head....

sibu food diva said...

no la! not that spicy :) that is the purpose of the iced milk tea. in Cantonese you say, "ha foh" (bring down fire) :)