Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arabic Delicacies at Hubbaba's Arabic Kitchen, Kuching

*Update November 2013, this shop has closed for good*

Who would have thought that there is an awesome shop serving Arabic delicacies in Kuching?

At Wayang Street, opposite Pelita.

I can die with a falafel in my hands.

This is how good it is.

Ah, a pleasant surprise! churros in the menu!

Words cannot describe how good this is.

I am lost for my vocabulary.

And if you don't fancy meat, falafel is a pita wrapped chickpeas filling.

It is a sin not to try.

Hummus! Served with soft freshly baked pita.

Every mouthful has got exploding sensation on the tastebuds.

Unless you have got numb tastebuds, that is.

Lamb shish kebab.

I love it, to the max.

Even, I might even day - dream about this.

Must try.

This outlet is so good, they have got very good ratings in Trip Advisor . Com

Thumbs up to Reza, owner of this place.

You have made a difference in the food industry in Kuching.

Opens daily from 2 pm onwards till night, closes on Sunday.


Reza said...

Hey there! I google for coverage on our outlet regularly out on the www to see what the world has to say about us. Big thank you for your honest feedback and so glad you liked our food,

Sadly we're no longer No.1 on since that very very bad review - incidentally our first complaint in almost 18 months since we opened :( Maybe you should review us!!

Anyway - just wanted to say thanks with gratitude for your coverage of Hubbaba's on your blog.

sibu food diva said...

Reza, I am sorry to hear that. regardless of what others say, I love your outlet very very much. Everything is freshly - made, food is totally amazing. I have recommended to several friends and they frequent your outlet too! :) I will see you this weekend again. Cheers!