Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peppers Cafe, Tanahmas, Sibu

Well, sorry that I have been missing in action for so long.

Thanks to Streamyx, I could not have decent internet connection in Jalan Pisang since May 18.

During Gawai, I was back in Sibu for a while, at least.

So here's to Sibu food from the Diva :)

Sibu is an early town. So, thinking of a place for decent supper is quite hard.

But, thanks to Tanahmas hotel, you can enjoy food untill 1 am in the morning, at least, I was told.

Peppers Cafe, Tanahmas.

This is Helen's Temptation.
The picture itself describes how good it was.

So go ahead, order this. 

The ice cream was smooth, drizzled with strawberry sauce.

Aha :) this one is a must try. A classic Sibu kopitiam dessert! This dessert is dying slowly and going to extinct.
Thanks to Tanahmas, they introduced Jelly Pisang in the menu!

Literally, it means, banana jelly.

I won't tell you much about this. You just have to try it for yourself.

Next! The famous char koay teow. Once upon a time, there was a famous chef by the name of Ricky attached to Tanahmas for a while. He was notorious for his char koay teow, and hence, he imparted his knowledge on them. To this very day, the char koay teow still taste awesome.

 Caesar salad was okay.

What I love about this cafe is this. Hahaha ;)

Enjoy your meal!

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