Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sushi Tie, Sibu, Sarawak

There is no Sushi King in Sibu. as of April 2011.

But, we have our local home-grown sushi place.

Sushi Tie, it is.

Awards time. This is the best of the best. Could be the best one in terms of price and taste in Sarawak.

Let me tell you what to order.

1. Baby fish maki

It is rice wrapped crunchy fried local anchovies, a little bit salty.

2. Spider temaki

The best spider maki I ever had.

Deep fried soft shell crab wrapped with sushi rice and seaweed (nori).

The soft shell crab is fried prior to wrapping. Unlike the one in Sushi King, the soft shell crab was deep fried also, but it was then stored in fridge, hence you are eating cold deep fried soft shell crab temaki in Sushi King.

No, this one here in Sushi Tie is completely different.

Served warm.

3. Sausage maki

Sausage wrapped rice and seaweed.

I love the simplicity of this one.

Simple yet flavorful with the sausage.

4. Inari Soba

Ah, this one is fairly interesting indeed. Sweet beancurd, filled with cold soba mixed with mayonnaise and sweet corn kernels, and a surprise surimi (crab meat) at the bottom of the sweet bean curd. It is then topped with roe.

This is a must try.

5. Inari Chuka Wakame

Seasoned seaweed with sushi rice contained in a sweet bean curd.

Chuka wakame is not for everyone. Acquired taste.

I like it a lot somehow.

6. Egg Mayo

Egg mayonnaise combo in sushi rice wrapped with seaweed, topped with roe.

This is my firm favorite.

I always make a point to come to this place whenever I am back in town.

Sibu, I miss you.

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