Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dung Fang Cafe at Farley, Sibu

To let you know more about me:

I am very fond of teh c peng, which is, milk tea in local dialect.

Because of my very horrible sinus problem, I am banned from having this simple pleasure.

But since the weather is pretty dry here in Sibu and rarely (or zero chance) giving me that sinus problem, I have decided to glug glug some teh c peng before I leave this dear town of mine.

Ah...and to happily let you all know, I have discovered the best teh c peng place in Sibu.

It is just behind Farley Cafe.

And I give my nod to the kampua!

Kampua is not my most sought after food, but at this place, gives me that craze!

Even though this might be just mee pok (flat noodles) and not that authentic kampua noodles, that taste really rocks my tastebuds.

Teh C Peng

I miss home dearly now.



Deepak Acharya said...

:):):)...To your question on my blog, I took the image of Shiva in a fair. :)

sibu food diva said...

thanks! :) you make great pics, as always :)

DL said...

Great reviews. Will be in Sibu next week. Any chance to ask where we can find the best kon Lou mee around town or do u have any other suggestions? Tq

sibu food diva said...

dear DL, does your kon lou mee means kolomee? if so, there is almost zero place in Sibu to try it. there is one, but the taste is really very much forgettable, so i do not recommend at all. If you mean kampua, you can come to this place and try, or you may simply just go to my blog on the right hand upper corner there is a list of good kampua around. thanks for dropping by, have fun in sibu.

DL said...

Thank you for your pointers. Cheers