Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carpenter Street Lao Ya Keng Pork Satay and Fish Ball Soup

There's a crazily fabulous eatery tucked in the memory lane of Kuching, Carpenter Street aptly called Lao Ya Keng.

It literally means Room for Chinese Deity, but many are confused, thinking that it means the other way round: The Lousy Room.

Let's just blame it on phonetics, shall we?

Visual feasting begins.

The famous fish + meat balls soup, sans the vermicelli.

Be sure to be there around 2 pm, before 3 pm.

Else, you would end up in disappointment.

Lovely, definitely lovely. The best of the best I have tasted in Kuching.

The soup is as clear as French consomme, a slight tinge of sweetness from the flavorful fish and meat balls.

Fish and meat balls wise, are firm to chew. At certain outlets, some vendors tend to mix in plenty of flour in the making of fish or meat balls, hence the artificial and very funky taste.

That's why my golden taste buds give the nod of approval.

Yes, I have superior tongue that is able to nod.

Best pork satay in Kuching.

Tender, succulent, just the right amount of spices in the marinade.

The accompanying satay sauce is equally good too.

Note: This eatery is closed on the 1st and 15th day every month of Chinese Lunar calendar.


Deepak Acharya said...

oooooolaaaaaaa :)

sibu food diva said...

oooooooooooooolaaaaa back :)

Eumora said...

Invite you to try the new satay stall in sibu, next to Penjara Sibu, a cafe called Sri pelita.

Opened Daily from 5pm to 11pm except on mondays.

The satay is so far the best in Town.

Call me & will join you.

Bala Devan
016 888 0722

sibu food diva said...

thanks Bala! :) that is very sweet of you.