Monday, March 08, 2010

Rumah Hijau Cafe, Kuching

If you've got craving for roti canai, this is the place to be.


This is teh tarik, milk tea which is being poured several times between two canisters at a height, resulting the froth on the tea.

And this one shown in the picture was further topped with ice.

Hmm...our localized frappuccino sans the crushed ice, at discounted price as compared to Starbucks :)

On very hot days, you cannot go wrong with this one! Iced lemon tea.

And this. Is my favorite drink to go with roti canai or just any other Indian fare, ginger milk tea.

Lovely, simply lovely.

Nasi Briyani Ayam Penyet.

oh confusion!

Translation: Beryani infused rice, served with poppadom, dhal based curry, and pickled shreded onions. Ayam penyet literally means mashed chicken, an authentic East Javanese dish, comprised of chicken deep fried and served with crumbles of spices.

An East meets East dish

Indian rojak. A vegetable salad dish, Indian style. Comprising of jicama, beansprouts, beancurd, assorted fritters, and topped with sambal, a spicy condiment.

A typical Indian rojak has got to be peanut based. Slightly sweet and spicy, but not tangy.

This one served here is tangy, and is very hot and spicy! Though it is not authentic Indian rojak, I love how they give this dish a twist.

I thoroughly love this place very much. Very eye-opening experience, especially the interior decoration.

This is their contact details, just in case you need to make a reservation.


Yun said...

Hmmm Joan u know.. i dun hv good appetite recently.. but tell u oh~~ after viewing ur blog.. my stomach went crazy, drooling~~.. heading for d food near One TJ.. muahahahha.. Good... post more..

Deepak Acharya said...

what a wonderful cafe ! Sorry to say that I have not remembered the aperture of that image.

sibu food diva said...

Cheers Christine! :) To the civil engineers in us :) hahaha...

Hie Deepak! :) Thanks a lot, it's okie, love your pics!