Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sibu Food Diva Conquers Jangkar Waterfall

It never crosses my mind, that I would embark on an adventure, so impromptu, yet so risky.

This is at Jangkar Waterfall, somewhere in Lundu, roughly 2 hours drive from Kuching City.

And another 1km of jungle trekking through the uphill steep slope, and another 1 km of wadding through the strong current while hanging on to my dear life while gripping the slippery moss-covered ginormous rocks.

The night before this trip, my friend said, "be prepared".

That's all?

Indeed, yes.

Thanks to Celcom Broadband, line was absolutely stunning, to the extent I could not even load my browser or even MSN.

Basically, I was in the dark about this place.

Absolutely no idea at all.

To be honest, I knelt down and prayed.

For proper guidance : as I fear there is none.

For strength: as I was having my 1st day of menstruation, and the adventure would be on my 2nd day of menstruation, meaning, the worst of its worst.

For good weather: I am aware that the vicinity of waterfall is tend to be slippery, coupled with strong currents. It could mean sheer brush with death. I am definitely not exaggerating. This is very true. Anyways, I still have a lot to do in life. I have yet to graduate with my PhD, and have yet to get married, and be a mother.

So off I went with my back pack filled with necessities.

Dressed in my rugged Levi's and Ipanema by Gisele Bunchen.

I am very fortunate that my Levi's protected me from scratches, but nevertheless, I still succumbed to bruises and mini blood suckers.

All through this kamikaze adventure, my friend helped me all the way.

All the way.

He catches me when I fall.

I gave up several times when I fell and almost injured myself while wadding through the waist-deep strong current, and the need to climb up the ginormous slippery rocks.

And I fear water.

The fact is, I have never gotten over my potamophobia.

But then again.

You don't know what does it feel like, to have reached the top.

The ultimate satisfaction.

If I can do this, even when I'm at my weakest ( having menstruation and climbing the huge rocks and all, fancy that! with constant menstrual cramps creeping up my toes and legs).

There is nothing which is quite impossible to me anymore.

Notice that sort of optimism in me?

Right now, I just want to rest my arms. I suspected torn ligaments in my right shoulder.

Expected recovery in 8 weeks' time.

The pain pierced through me from my mid arm right up to my neck.

Only God knows the excruciating pain I'm having at the moment.

I was hanging on to my friend's grip, when I suddenly fell and slipped due to the slippery rocks.

I winced and get teary-eyed whenever I accidentally swing my arm a wee bit too hard.

But this pain has taught me or rather remind me that I do not walk alone in this life.

As what as I have always perceived to be.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place !

sibu food diva said...

thank you, Deepak :) it's a very nice place, but a wee bit life-threatening. :P

Anonymous said...

can tell me how to go this Jangkar waterfall from Lundu town?

sibu food diva said...

anonymous, i'm very sorry i cannot help much in the direction. my friend used wikimapia plots and scribbled down the landmarks. it is not easy to find, we got lost a bit.