Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Lunch at Puzzle, Pullman, Kuching

If you wonder how I look like, the one in leopard print is me. :)

I have to apologize if you find photos in my blog post are way too random, and not in orderly manner.

That's just my style.

Here we go, desserts station!

Another photo of the dessert station.

I love how contemporary Pullman Hotel is. Even the napkin folding is very unique.

Salt and pepper for you dear?

Just reminds me of kitchenware at R

This is not the usual way of placing cutlery.

But you just got to love it. :)

Salt and pepper shakers having partners! Fancy that!

Not to mention the Oakley in the pic.

And by all means, love me or hate me starting from this point.


My first platter. :)

Oven roast sirloin exclaiming "eat me! eat me!"

Tandoori Bratwurst

My second platter.

From top left (clockwise): Baked sirloin, frittata, tandoori Bratwurst with roasted tomatoes, quiche, stir fried vermicelli with seafood.


This is my very first time. I see an array of salsa at the salad station!

5 different types of salsa.


An array of canape.

Ice cream with toppings that screamed K-I-A-S-U.

Waffle is a bit blah.

Pin wheel swiss roll with chocolate.

Ahh:) the star of the dessert :)

Thanks to my cousin, Jus for the treat!


Rebecca said...

lol. thats really marathon babe. havent wish you yet. merry christmas and happy new year darl! take care and have lots of fun! miss ya heaps. xoxo.

sibu food diva said...

Thanks Becky! Happy New Year to you too! I also miss you a lot XXXOOOxxxoooXoXo

Anonymous said...

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sibu food diva said...

glad it helped you, Anonymous.:)

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