Monday, September 28, 2009

Zheng Jih Red Wine Chicken Soup Revisited

Mr and Mrs Soprano had to drag me out from my bed...

to this place.

Zheng Jih Nice Food Hall. Pardon the choice of words.

Even Ms Soprano isn't quite awake yet.

Now you know why Mr Soprano is very excited?

If you don't feel excited looking at this pic right below, then it's evident that you're no food enthusiast.

The flavors are gorgeously paired; flat noodles firm to bite, with generous amount of garlic, spring onion, deep fried shallots and a hint of pork lard.

That's not it. Noodles has to go hand in hand with the red wine chicken soup below.

Thank you, Mr and Mrs Soprano for the lovely breakfast.

Papa, you're the best. :)

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