Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Atelier

A class of its own, this is The Atelier, which unfortunately has closed down for good.

The lovely clash between ethnic touch and modern day inspirations made this place a very cozy place to have your meal.

The signature beef flat noodles, infused with an array of spices, a very distinguished taste on its own. A marriage between Vietnamese and Taiwanese beef noodles.

Red Velvet: chocolate cake served with a dollop of cream cheese

Apple Tarts!

Melt in the mouth pastry

And I am very sad that lovely place such as this has to close its doors for good.

I shall miss you, The Atelier.


Kong-Kay said...

not enough kow kwan from you!

sibu food diva said...

yep, totally agree with you, uncle. but my pay isn't big enough for me to "kow kwan" this place on frequent basis